Malak Azmirly

Malak Azmirly

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Ålder: 29
Födelsedag: 25 november

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Hey!! I am an English native speaker though I am also a french native speaker. Anyone who would like to learn french or english, I am here!! But I would like to learn Swedish as well because I live in Örebro, Sweden and I can't spend the rest of my life here without understanding the others. I am from Toulouse, France though I was born in Riga, Latvia but I don't speak Lettish or Russian. I lived in Riga 6 years then I moved to my hometown (in France) and I stayed there for 1 year and a half because my grandmother died and it was hard for my mother. Later, I went to Saudi Arabia and I stayed there 4 years and a half then I went to Sweden and I am there now in Örebro.


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