Jakob Chianti

Jakob Chianti

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Ålder: 29
Födelsedag: 4 juni

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I´m Jakob, 20 and I live in Sweden. I´m from Berlin/GER, my Mom is German, my Dad is from the US. Therefore I grew up with both English and German. I also speak good Italian and French. I have family in Naples/ITA and spent some time there a few years ago. Right now, I´m learning Swedish. Whoever wants to share their knowledge with me is very welcome to drop me a few lines :D In case you are learning one of the languages I happen to speak, I'll gladly give you some advice and input. ;) Jakob

Hej, Jag heter Jakob, jag flyttade till Stockholm förra året och jag vil börja lära mig Svenska lite bättre. Skriv mig ett kort mail här: jakobreul@web.de. Mvh Jakob ;)


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