Patryk Linkiewicz

Patryk Linkiewicz

Personlig information

Ålder: 22
Födelsedag: 8 juni

Om mig:

Mentally living in the interwar period. Individualist, a person with specific views, taste and humor.

+ novice traveler, painter, brewer and winemaker

+ couchsurfer

+ looking for a person with whom I can speak in Swedish and Finnish

I just hope to talk with intelligent people.

My hobbies? I'm an craft beers enthusiast.

I love traveling, painting, poetry, architecture, literature, photography (@linkiewitz - Instagram) and history.


Jag pratar:

  • polska | Modersmål
  • engelska (Storbritannien) | Fortsättning
  • franska (Frankrike) | Nybörjare

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