Nicolai Skogheim

Nicolai Skogheim

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Ålder: 28
Födelsedag: 7 januari

Om mig:

I'm a norwegian boy who attends the University of Oslo. As a lot of norwegians, I understand swedish and danish very well. Am able to fool a norwegian into thinking I am swedish. Not so with danish; I haven't got enough potatoes (If you've ever heard danish, you'll understand).

I speak the dialect we use in Oslo, which resembles our written language Bokmål (book tongue, read "main tongue") quite a bit. I am fairly good with other dialects too, in addition to our second written language Nynorsk (new norwegian), and thus can help you learn that if you for whatever mad reason want to :)

I would like to pair up with people that speaks french. I understand a lot, when it's not too fast, but I lack experience in speaking myself.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to know more about norwegian, even if you don't speak french :)


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